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Welcome to Max People, your top resource for all your construction recruitment needs. Boasting a rich legacy of over 20 years in Labour Hire, coupled with direct experience within the construction industry, our recruitment experts offer more than mere knowledge; they bring genuine insights and hands-on expertise. This depth of experience equips us to deliver tailored labour hire solutions designed to ensure the successful execution of your projects.

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Our Expertise

Our specialisation lies in recruiting for a multitude of roles within the construction sector. Our first-hand industry knowledge uniquely positions us to meet your recruitment needs effectively and efficiently. We excel in sourcing talent for roles such as:

At Max People, we understand the unique challenges posed by Labour Hire in the construction industry. From sourcing specialised skill sets, and upholding safety requirements, to meeting tight deadlines, our first-hand industry experience allows us to identify and place the best candidates in your team swiftly. This ensures your projects are not only completed within the set timeframes but also adhere to the highest quality standards.

Client satisfaction and engagement remain at the core of our Labour Hire services. We work closely with you to understand your needs, objectives, and organisational culture, offering regular updates throughout the recruitment process. Our focus is on delivering authentic service, unwavering dedication, and a passion for supporting your success.

In essence, we're committed to offering exceptional recruitment services expertly tailored to your unique Labour Hire needs within the construction industry. However, our commitment doesn't end there.

Max People is more than a leading construction recruitment agency. Our successful track record in providing top-tier outsourced labour solutions to the best construction companies across New Zealand's civil, commercial, and residential sectors has enabled us to expand our services. Today, we're proud to extend our exceptional labour solutions to the agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics sectors.

We're excited to be your chosen agency for all your hiring needs. Let's not let recruitment be a challenge for you. Contact us today and elevate your construction projects to new levels of efficiency and quality. We're ready to help you succeed - are you?

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Our Company's Expertise is Expanding!

At Max People, we are a leading construction recruitment agency that provides high-quality outsourced labour hire solutions to the top construction companies in New Zealand's civil, commercial, and residential sectors. Our success has enabled us to expand our services and offer exceptional labour solutions to the agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics sectors. We are pleased to be your preferred agency for all your recruitment needs.

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