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At Max People, excellence is at the heart of what we do. We stand by our promises, fulfilling our duties with the utmost honesty. We tackle challenges head-on, remaining committed and dedicated to adding value for our clients and our people.

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Our Effective Labour Hire Process

Our labour hire process is thorough, swift, and effective. We prioritise transparent communication with our clients, customising our strategies to align with their goals. Our comprehensive procedure involves:

Sourcing candidates

Utilising our expansive pipeline of local and international candidates, we adopt diverse strategies to match the right people to the right roles.


Each prospective hire undergoes a comprehensive interview where we assess their skills, previous experiences, and suitability with the role and our client's culture.

Candidate Screening

We conduct thorough scrutiny of every candidate, including reference checks, initial drug tests, and verification of current certifications.

Job Offers

We work in collaboration with our clients to ensure a cultural fit, discovering the perfect candidate for their role.

Client Engagement

Building robust relationships is vital to us. We strive to deeply understand our client’s hiring requirements, objectives, and culture. Our comprehensive services include

Conduct client interviews

We invest time to understand our client’s distinct needs and cultures, enabling us to identify the most suitable candidates.

Create job descriptions

In partnership with our clients, we craft detailed job descriptions that accurately reflect the role and its requirements.

Provide regular updates

We keep our clients informed throughout the recruitment process, providing regular progress reports and updates on the candidate pool.

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Candidate Sourcing

It's not just about what you know, it's also about who you know! 

We leverage our wide network of local and international talent, utilising diverse strategies to match the right individuals with the right opportunities. Following a rigorous vetting process, we work closely with our clients during the offer stage, ensuring the perfect candidate for each role.

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Candidate Assessment

We adhere to a meticulous assessment process to ensure candidates align with our client’s needs and expectations. This includes:

Skills testing

We assess candidates' skills, verifying their CVs to ensure they're a suitable match for the job.

Reference checks

We carry out a minimum of three reference checks to confirm candidates' past employment.

Culture fit

We gauge candidates' fit with our clients' cultures, ensuring they'll thrive in their new roles.

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Our Company's Expertise is Expanding!

At Max People, we are a leading construction recruitment agency that provides high-quality outsourced labour hire solutions to the top construction companies in New Zealand's civil, commercial, and residential sectors. Our success has enabled us to expand our services and offer exceptional labour solutions to the agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics sectors. We are pleased to be your preferred agency for all your recruitment needs.

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