The agriculture industry is an expansive field, brimming with opportunities for candidates possessing a wide array of skills and interests. Given the burgeoning global population and the escalating demand for food, recruitment within agriculture is pivotal to the industry's ongoing growth and sustainability.

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Agriculture Job Listings

Our current job listings include positions in farming, fishing, forestry, and horticulture. We offer a range of job opportunities, including farmhand, harvesters, orchard workers, and more.

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Harvest the Richness of Agriculture Career Opportunities

  1. We offer a plethora of career paths for candidates, catering to those stepping into the industry or seeking career progression.
  2. We provide avenues for growth and evolution within the sector, spanning roles from general farm labourers to farm managers and horticulture specialists.
  3. We are committed to pairing candidates with roles that resonate with their skills and ambitions, fostering enduring career growth and fulfilment.
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Embrace Global Opportunities

  1. Our recruiters boast extensive experience in hiring both short- and long-term workers from New Zealand and beyond, cultivating robust international networks for over a decade.
  2. We maintain close collaborations with agricultural universities, colleges, young farmer groups, and farming organisations in Ireland and across Europe, ensuring access to a diverse and continuous talent stream.
  3. We ensure our clients gain access to the crème de la crème of workers, contributing to the overarching success of the agriculture industry.
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