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At Max People, we understand the complex challenges involved in sourcing the ideal talent for your agricultural team. Our recruitment experts bring over 20 years of collective experience in the industry, thoroughly understanding its trends, hurdles, and opportunities, particularly within dairy farming and processing due to its significant role in the sector.

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We extend recruitment services across a wide range of roles within the primary sector, covering farming, processing, agribusiness, and research. Our team of specialists boasts a unique mix of skills, rural farm experience, and recruitment background, enabling them to deeply comprehend the varied roles and responsibilities in the primary sector. We collaborate with various entities, from small family-run farms to large multinational corporations, recruiting across diverse sectors such as:

At Max People, we recognise that agriculture doesn't adhere to a typical '9-5' schedule. We specialise in providing temporary and permanent agricultural staff to cater to your staffing and seasonal needs.

Our recruiters hold a wealth of experience in hiring short and long-term workers, both locally and internationally. We have established enduring relationships with Irish and European Agricultural Universities & Colleges, Young Farmer's groups, and various farming organisations, including resources from the Philippines and South America. This gives us access to a diverse and continuously growing pool of talent.

We place considerable importance on client satisfaction and engagement. We work closely with our clients, gaining an understanding of their needs, goals, and organisational culture while keeping them informed throughout the recruitment process. Our focus lies in providing genuine service, dedication, and assisting our clients in achieving their goals.

In conclusion, we're committed to offering exceptional recruitment services, tailored to the unique needs of our clients in the agricultural industry. Get in touch with Max People today to see how we can help you source the best talent for your team.

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At Max People, we are a leading construction recruitment agency that provides high-quality outsourced labour hire solutions to the top construction companies in New Zealand's civil, commercial, and residential sectors. Our success has enabled us to expand our services and offer exceptional labour solutions to the agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics sectors. We are pleased to be your preferred agency for all your recruitment needs.

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