The construction industry is dynamic and filled with diverse opportunities catering to various skill levels. At Max People, our mission is to assist you in securing the perfect role, regardless of whether you're a novice in the field or seeking a fresh challenge. We pride ourselves on establishing enduring relationships with our candidates and clients, understanding their ambitions, and facilitating a mutually beneficial match.

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Construction Job Listings

Discover an array of job openings in the construction sector, with roles ranging from general labourers, carpenters, formworkers, steel fixers, to painters and beyond.

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Propel Your Construction Career

Our prowess lies in sourcing candidates for an extensive range of construction roles, capitalising on our team's profound industry experience and knowledge. We grasp the distinct demands of the construction industry, encompassing the necessity for specialised skills, strict safety protocols, and stringent deadlines, and our objective is to align you with optimal opportunities that cater to these requirements.

Our industry acumen enables us to promptly identify suitable candidates, guaranteeing project delivery within timelines and up to high standards.

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Elevate Your Construction Career

We present abundant opportunities for career advancement, from roles of general labourers to those of foremen or site supervisors. We're devoted to pairing candidates with roles that resonate with their skills, interests, and professional ambitions. We firmly believe that the right job can serve as a catalyst for further career progression and personal growth within the construction sector.

Amplify Your Skills with Training and Mentorship

We endorse apprenticeships and promote the ongoing learning and development of skills. We motivate candidates to utilise external resources and training programmes to refine their abilities and keep abreast of industry trends and best practices. Moreover, we provide continual support by offering advice and guidance on potential training opportunities and career trajectories.

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Max People first established its presence as a recruitment agency specialising in the construction sector. We've provided outstanding labour-hire and outsourcing solutions to major players in the Civil, Commercial, and Residential sectors across New Zealand. Join us and discover the career opportunity that could shape your future.

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