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Toolbox Talk - Work Protocols

Max People Health & Safety Bulletin

Level 3 Return to Work 

Worksites have changed and will continue to do so over the next few weeks/months. You will be introduced to a new cleaning regime and social distancing at work. It will, at first appear to seem over the top but let's bare in mind that the new safe working protocols are there to keep you and others on-site safe.

Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ) have recently released the New Zealand Covid-19 Construction Protocols. This is a clear and concise introduction to what you will be experiencing when you return to the site.

Examples of change

  • Only relevant personnel to the workplace are to access the site
  • A daily register of workers entering and leaving the site must be completed along with a health declaration
  • Covid-19 signs will be everywhere
  • Toolbox talks will be held with social distancing
  • Lunch breaks may be staggered
  • Leaving site to whip down to the shop may not be allowed
  • Cleaning tools and equipment will be a daily task
  • Worksites may be broken up into zones
  • Picking up your workmate to head into work will no longer be allowed
  • Washing your hands is the new PPE
  • Staying within your own personal bubble is important even when working near others
  • Site offices will be clean!

It's a bit to take in and all very new for us and how we would normally work.

It's an adjustment that has to be made and at the end of the day when it moves us towards Level 2, it will all have been worth it. 

Remember team! Safety is just how we do things around here.
Any suggestions or improvements to Health & Safety can be emailed to our Health & Safety Officer or have a chat with him next time he's on-site.