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16 July 2019

Toolbox Talk - The Complacency Cycle

It's incredible becoming a master of anything within your life - professionally or personally. This is only done through consistent repetition of the same task again and again but what happens when your mastery of something leads to a degree of complacency?

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men holding hard hat

10 July 2019

5 Signs That Work in Construction Is the Right Career Path for You

In New Zealand, the construction industry is a source of honourable and dignified work. If you’ve got the skills and the inclination, a profession in this sector also stands to be very lucrative as well.

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9 July 2019

Toolbox Talk - Hard Hat integrity

We take our hard hats for granted - we may not always wash them correctly, store them in appropriate places when note being used and add additional features to them that could easily be compromise their integrity.

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4 July 2019

Toolbox Talk - Stress

Everyone suffers from a degree of stress whether is personal or professional - it does not matter what stresses you out as different people are impacted by different things.

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25 June 2019

Toolbox Talk - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

None of us wake up in the mornings and plan to get injured or even worse killed at work but the reality is that millions of construction personnel have unfortunately and tragically lost their lives on site.

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17 June 2019

Toolbox Talk - Eye Injuries

Do not underestimate the fragility of our eyes, they are sensitive and must be looked after. There are so many injuries especially on a construction site that could result in harm to our eyes even when wearing safety glasses/ Check out this week's Toolbox Talk on eye injuries and protection.

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