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5 Signs That Work in Construction Is the Right Career Path for You

In New Zealand, the construction industry is a source of honourable and dignified work. If you’ve got the skills and the inclination, a profession in this sector also stands to be very lucrative as well. Statistics New Zealand posits a growth rate in the industry of 2% per annum, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, more than 256,000 New Zealanders are already currently employed as construction workers. 

By 2022, NZ’s construction industry will grow even more alongside its burgeoning housing market, opening opportunities for as many as 50,000 new qualified applicants. Even labourers who will work in construction as first-time apprentices are likely to find secure and profitable jobs in the areas of vertical infrastructure (i.e. commercial buildings), horizontal infrastructure (roads and utility networks), or residential infrastructure (home repairs and construction). As such, a dedicated individual looking to make a difference through construction work can stand to help themselves, their family’s livelihood, and New Zealand’s labour economy at large.

The question is, are you an individual of such calibre? Would a job in construction suit your talents and interests? Will it be good for your health, well-being, and career growth? To help you discern if this career path is for you, here’s Max People’s list of signs that you could be the perfect candidate for a construction job in NZ.

  • You’re looking forward to being properly trained for the job. Construction work is a serious trade, and most roles in this industry require that you undergo proper training. Luckily, New Zealand is also home to a number of industry training organisations or ITOs, which will serve as your formal introduction to work in the construction industry. If you possess the hunger to learn about specific trade skills in construction, then you’ve already got one foot in the door.
  • You’re at the peak of your health. Jobs in construction are very demanding, and there is no doubt that the regular physicality of the work will take its toll on a weak body. To thrive in this sector, you must be agile, strong, and fast on your feet. You must also have enough endurance to withstand long hours and even unforgiving weather conditions. If you want to prepare your body for this line of work, Max People suggests that you maintain a regular workout routine, eat healthily, and get enough sleep every day. Getting a clean bill of health from your physician is also very important.
  • You’re good with your hands. Were you always the type who enjoyed manual work? Do your family and friends look to you as a sort of handyman to fix pipes, install woodwork, or even tinker with computers? The same manual skills will translate very well into work on a construction site. You will be trained to handle different materials, manoeuvre various types of equipment, and complete manual tasks of increasing complexity and granularity.
  • You enjoy building things. If you always wanted to nurture your creative side or have above-average skills in areas like spatial reasoning, construction may be a good industry for you to explore. To someone who loves their job in this trade, there is no greater joy than taking on different construction projects in New Zealand, and then seeing ordinary people from all walks of life enjoy the fruits of their handiwork.
  • You have the soft skills, as well as the hard ones, needed in the construction business. Physical strength and individual prowess in building things aren’t the only types of skills employers look for. They also need proof that you are a good communicator, a team player, someone who knows how to manage their time, and someone who can work with a diverse range of people.  Construction work is highly communitarian, as you cannot complete a project without your colleagues' help. If you possess these skills, you’re in a great position to jumpstart a career in the construction industry.

Are all the signs now pointing you in the right direction? Learn how to kick off your career in the construction business with the many resources that Max People has to offer!