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21 January 2020

Toolbox Talk - The Little things

The little things on site are often overlooked. We all need to be looking at the bigger picture.

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Christchurch Spark Building Nearing Completion

16 January 2020

Christchurch Spark Building Nearing Completion

Max Projects have been busy assisting with the construction of Spark Building with Naylor Love in Cathedral Square!

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15 January 2020

Toolbox Talk - HSWA

Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

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7 January 2020

Toolbox Talk - Thank you

Welcome back and Happy New Year from Max!

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17 December 2019

Toolbox Talk - Tis the Season

It’s one of life’s paradoxes that during the Christmas holidays, when we’re relaxing and having fun with our families, the risk of accidents and injuries increases.

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10 December 2019

Toolbox Talk - Emergency Plans

Many disasters will affect essential services and possibly disrupt your ability to travel or communicate with each other.
Plan to look after yourself and your loved ones for at least 3 days or more...

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