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Labour Hire Blenheim, Marlborough

Staff shortages can have a large impact on your company's productivity. We offer temporary and Permanent recruitment services, as well as structured, motivated Managed Labour Teams.

We partner with residential, civil and commercial construction companies all over the South Island, providing additional construction crews when you need them.

One of Marlborough's 'go-to' sources for construction industry talent, We provide solutions for temporary & managed labour, including our unique carpentry subcontracting service—Max Projects.

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Need construction labour fast? No problem—just contact our experienced recruitment consultants. The management team at Max People started their careers as tradespeople—so we understand the particular demands and challenges of the building industry.

A recent economic survey of Marlborough identified construction as the biggest contributor to job growth. The combination of agriculture, forestry, fishing and tourism makes the region an attractive prospect for development, and we expect to see increasing demand for skilled and experienced construction staff. As a hub for the wine industry and wine-related tourism, Blenheim will see continued building activity, including retail developments, winery infrastructure and residential construction. A major port for shipping, ferries and cruise ships – Picton is also experiencing growth, including more permanent residents seeking affordable housing.

A potential risk for construction companies with building projects in Blenheim and Marlborough is finding enough skilled construction workers. Max People can help building firms through these labour pinch points with their ready source of skilled construction talent. By talking to us in the early phases of your build, we can ensure you get the staff you need to complete your project on time and budget. 

A Safety-First Approach

Any construction project big or small can present health and safety challenges, and at Max People, worksite safety is our first priority above all else. Our goal is a zero-harm worksite, and we make regular site visits to heighten awareness of the risks and hazards. We integrate safety education into all oc ur processes, right from the onboarding and induction phase.

What a team… I’ve worked with Max People on two complex jobs now, the most recent being the Bridge of Remembrance where teamwork and communication were pivotal. Max People integrated and worked really well with our team of engineers and guys on the ground – the end result being a great working atmosphere and no issues at all. I’m working down in Queenstown now and just waiting for Max to have a presence there, too.

- Trevor Watling, Site Supervisor - Downer Construction


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Max People - Minimum Fuss

Finding labour in Marlborough can be a challenge but not if you let Max People do the hard work for you. We carefully screen candidates, conduct interviews, carry out Ministry of Justice vetting and drug testing to ensure you get people that meet your standards. 

Max People offer a complete solution for temporary and managed construction labour in NZ, with benefits including:

  • Flexible labour hire solutions tailored to your needs.
  • A Leadership team with years of trades experience
  • Screening interviews and reference checks
  • Onboarding – including health & safety induction
  • Alignment with your systems & processes
  • Max Projects – a complete carpentry solution
  • Construction staff available across the South Island

When looking for labour hire in Blenheim, Marlborough, Max People are the obvious choice.  We have a proven track record for finding and placing talent in the NZ construction sector. Call us now to discuss your project and staff requirements.

labour hire blenheim, Marlborough

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