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Labour Hire Feedback

Brent Cations, Project Manager - City Care/JFC Joint Venture

Myself and the City Care/JFC Joint Venture team engaged with Max People from a managed labour capacity for all the decorative formwork on the Christchurch Victoria Square project. There were a lot of intricate details involved in this particular formwork; the quality and accuracy needed to be of an extremely high standard as this is a Christchurch City Crown project and one that not only Otakaro but the general public had a huge investment in. Max People delivered on these high-quality expectations. From a budgetary capacity, the Max People's managed labour model compounded cost savings week on week enabling our Quantity Surveyor to ensure the project’s bottom line was protected at all times. They completed the work in the allocated project timelines and were adherent to the stringent on-site health and safety expectations. I look forward to working with Max People in the future and would recommend their Managed Labour model to my colleagues going forward.

Trevor Watling, Site Supervisor - Downer Construction

What a team… I’ve worked with Max People on two complex jobs now, the most recent being the Bridge of Remembrance where teamwork and communication were pivotal. Max People integrated and worked really well with our team of engineers and guys on the ground – the end result being a great working atmosphere and no issues at all. I’m working down in Queenstown now and just waiting for Max to have a presence there, too.

Ali Daamsteegt, HR Manager, McConnell Dowell

We’ve been working with Max People for six months now and they have quickly become one of our go-to agencies. The quality of staff they provide is excellent and we can always rely on them to provide us people with the right set of skills when we need them. The staff at Max People are a pleasure to work with as well, they have fitted in with our processes and systems and are happy to adapt to our ever-changing requirements.

Phil Owen, Project Manager - Downer Construction

The Moorhouse Overbridge project started with 2No. enabling crews from Max People and had the resources and expertise to set the project up in a timely and professional manner. We kept one crew on as a support unit to the numerous subcontractors onsite for a temporary period, but their versatility and strong work ethic made them indispensable onsite. We, therefore, employ the crew on a permanent basis to complete varied tasks including Excavation around services, kerbing and surfacing work, handrail installation, boxing up and grouting, hard landscaping works, environmental encapsulations for hydro-demolition works, surveying, temporary works installation assistance and general site works. The single greatest attribute of this crew is that that are trustworthy and hardworking which means that they can be left to complete difficult tasks with minimal supervision, with the knowledge the work is being done safely and to a high standard.

Contracting Feedback

Richie Moyle - Christchurch City Council, Program Manager - Heritage

Max Projects were engaged on the restoration and seismic strengthening of the Nurses Memorial Chapel project. This grade 1 listed heritage building, like other heritage projects, requires extremely complex and intricate methods to both strengthen and restore the Chapel. Following the discovery of asbestos and other construction challenges, we experienced a slippage of 13 weeks. With a completion date and Mayoral opening already set, the Team called on additional skilled resources from its sister company, Max Projects. I am pleased to say that despite all the challenges Max Projects finished on time. I look forward to working with this team again in the near future.

Nathan Turner - Fulton Hogan, Senior Project Manager

Without sounding like I am on MAX’s payroll I have nothing but the highest praise for the guys. They are helpful, accommodating and always have a can-do attitude to whatever is required. The standard of workmanship and quality of the personnel have been first-rate and I would have no problem recommending them to anyone. I will certainly be using them again going forward. I have worked for other main contractors in Christchurch and as Mike has said their H&S awareness and paperwork are up there in terms of completeness and standards. If you need anything else please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dean Bennett - Downer Site Engineer

Each and every employee provided by Max People has been efficient, enthusiastic and most critically, experienced to carry out the required task. We have used other labour-hire contractors on rare occasions where excessive labour-hire was required and the calibre of an employee provided fell extremely short of the standard we had become accustomed to with Max People.

Mike Mulcahy - Fulton Hogan, FH Civil South

Max People are one of our main sub-contractors at the Christchurch Art Gallery, from the H&S aspect I find Max to be very good, they have very good supervision and involvement in the culture of the site.