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Toolbox Talk - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Have you ever wondering why PPE is absolutely mandatory on site?

Why do I have to wear all this protective equipment?

None of us wakes up in the mornings and plans to get injured or even worse killed at work but the reality is that millions of construction personnel have unfortunately and tragically lost their lives on site.

Over the years, millions of workers have been either injured or have lost their lives on site.

There are numerous theories as to why accidents happen which doesn’t mean much when it happens to you.

For example: 

  1. A worker above you drops the tool they are using. It lands on your shoulder breaking the collar bone
  2. A grinding disc shatters, a piece enters your eye. At least the other one still works.
  3. Short of breath? Maybe the dust you have been breathing in for years was crystalline silica and now your lungs are struggling to work.
  4. You can’t hear people talking in certain situations the Doctor says it’s industrial hearing loss. Hearing aids are your future.
  5. That tool with the iffy cable zaps you. Should’ve sorted that out weeks ago.
  6. The nail punches through your foot. Big thanks to whoever left it sticking straight up out of the timber.
  7. That old sling that we have been using for years gave way. Lost a good mate that day.
  8. Your favourite chisel slides through the timber and into your hand cutting through tendons until it hits your bone. Shame that hand doesn’t work so well anymore.

All these things are not pleasant to think about let alone witness or have happen to you. If there was a simple and easy way to lessen the chances of stuff happening, wouldn’t we do it?

“I’ve been doing this job for years without using PPE. I’ve never been hurt! Why do I have to wear them now? It’s a waste of time and money!!!

The above attitude means that many avoidable injuries will continue to occur.

What's the solution? 

  • Wear cut-proof gloves when using sharp tools or handling sharp-edged materials.
  • Wear double face protection when grinding.
  • Put some earmuffs on.
  • Wear that Hi-Viz so people can see you.
  • Wear safety glasses all the time.
  • Use a mask when cutting, hook up a vacuum, work upwind.
  •  Keep the hard hat on.

The solutions are endless it’s just up to all of us to make the right choice.

Remember team, safety is a habit!