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Toolbox Talk - Concrete PPE Check

Concrete burns are not like other burns - you may not even be aware you've been burnt!

Concrete PPE Check 

Wet concrete is a strong alkaline chemical solution which is very hazardous to our skin. You may not even be aware you have been burnt as chemicals damage the nerve endings first. Concrete burn injuries are extremely painful and can take months to heal. Treatments can vary from skin grafts to amputations and in severe cases can lead to death.

What PPE do I need to wear when working with concrete? 

  1. Hard hat- the danger of stuff falling onto your head…..wear a hard hat. Bit cold out…use a hard hat to keep the head warm. Having said all that most sites have a hard hat compulsory rule.
  2. Safety glasses- if you wear safety glasses when pouring or working with cement-based products it will save the burn when it splashes into your eye!
  3. Gloves- it makes common sense to protect our hands as much as possible. Wearing gloves not only protect against cuts and scratches but will also keep the chemicals away from your skin.
  4. Long sleeves and pants- no brainer on this one as it keeps splashes away from your skin.
  5. Knee pads- down on your hands and knees finishing concrete? Why not protect your knees? Believe me, your older self will appreciate it.
  6. Gumboots- a couple of points here, one it keeps wet concrete away from your skin and two it's way easier to wash gumboots as opposed to steel caps. 


Personal protective equipment is creating a barrier between you and the cement. This barrier reduces the chance of being exposed to and suffering the consequences of that exposure.

Be smart, work smart and stay safe!