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Toolbox Talk - Intestinal Fortitude (Go with your gut!)

Ever heard of the term "Go with your gut"? It's usually because that's really what your brain is really thinking.

Toolbox Talk - Intestinal Fortitude 

"Going with your gut!"  Consider this:

  1. Have you ever been asked to do something and become anxious or nervous?
  2. The boss says it is OK and is "as safe as houses", but you feel uncomfortable?
  3. You start doing a job and realise that it's not really that safe, but it needs to be done?
  4. You’ve never done this type work before but don’t want to look like a...?

Somewhere along the line, you need to make a stand, to put your hand up and say, “I’m not comfortable doing this” or “This doesn’t feel safe to me”.

If we ignore these thoughts/feelings, we are unable to fully concentrate on the task we have been given therefore we are endangering ourselves and/or others as our mind is divided between the task and what we are feeling.

The feelings may stem from:

- Inexperience
- Lack of confidence
- Generic fears (working at height)
- Knowledge (you know it’s wrong)

Whatever the reason we need YOU to speak up!

Communication is a powerful force within the safety world. Using your voice is a choice, make the right call and stand up for your right to use it.

Using your voice:

  1. Speak with your Manager, Foreman or co-worker about your concerns.
  2. Bring it up at a 'Toolbox Talk' or ask a co-worker too.
  3. Request training (to build confidence and experience levels).
  4. Ask senior staff to show you how to do a specific task safely.
  5. Learn to accept that it’s OK to ask for help (none of us knows it all!)

Remember team! Safety is a habit! 
Any suggestions or improvements in regard to Health & Safety on site can be emailed to our Health & Safety Officer or have a conversation with him on-site when you see him.!