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Looking For A Carpenter Job In New Zealand?

Carpentry is one of the world’s oldest trades. 7000-year-old Archaeological finds show the classic mortise and tenon woodworking technique already being used to make surrounds for water wells. Carpentry has a great future too, as the wood continues to prove itself as a versatile and sustainable material for construction.

As a qualified or trainee carpenter, you have skills that are destined to remain in demand, and this means you have the opportunity to choose work that best suits your needs and interests.


  • Flexibility - The ability to balance work and personal life is a big plus
  • Remuneration - being paid appropriately for your skills and experience
  • Challenge - exciting opportunities that are memorable and help develop new skills
  • Safety - the assurance that your employers make safety their top priority.

Many carpenters are now choosing to work through recruitment agencies to secure the best work available. Construction has always had its share of peaks and troughs, and many carpenters are looking for a means to smooth out the bumps and gain a more steady flow of work.

Max People is a leading construction recruitment firm, based in Christchurch. They’ve made it their primary goal to connect skilled construction personnel with great jobs. They’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the NZ building sector, sourcing talent for landmark construction projects throughout New Zealand.

Through their subsidiary company Max Projects, they even provide direct employment opportunities for carpenters. Max Projects provide carpentry subcontracting teams for the civil, commercial and residential construction sectors. Max Projects is proud to have been involved in iconic projects such as the Christchurch Art Gallery, Town Hall and Cathedral Junction and the Metro Sports Facility.

If you are a quality carpenter and are seeking employment then Max People wants to hear from you today! Call the office on 03 365 0088 or email admin@maxpeople.co.nz for more information. 

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