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Toolbox Talk - Speed vs. Safety

Work Smarter, Not Faster

“Time is money”…

“You have a job to do, now get on with it!"...

“We don’t have time for that”...

Sound familiar? Yes, we are paid to work hard, this does not mean we ignore our own safety, or the safety of those we are in charge of, whilst at work.

Asking staff to slow down at work may not seem cost-efficient at first glance. However, by applying the principles of ”working smarter” in the workplace, it actually results in fewer mistakes, less sick days, more creativity, and better productivity, which is ultimately cost-effective for everyone.

Human happiness has a huge positive effect on productivity!

Discussion Points

  • Take the time to do thorough task analysis/ SWMS as they are important.
  • Speed does not always equal productivity
  • Pay attention to training
  • Follow every step in every job every time
  • Know and follow safety rules
  • Use required personal protective equipment
  • Give work your full attention
  • If you are in charge think of your worker's safety
  • Keep an eye out for hazards. Always ask, “What could go wrong here?”
  • Urge your co-workers to follow safety procedures
  • Know what to do in an emergency
  • Ask questions about any procedure or precaution that is not clear
  • Report any safety hazards you can’t fix