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Toolbox Talk - What to do with a hazard

I've found a hazard. What do I do now?

What to do with a hazard! 

Fairly straightforward. You need to do something. We can’t ignore the hazard, in fact under the H&S at Work Act 2015 we are obliged to do something.

That something is to firstly eliminate the hazard. In other words to get rid of, fix, remove the things that will hurt us.

Secondly is to minimise the hazard which basically means lessening the hurt factor or lessening the chances of it hurting us.

To minimize a hazard we pick one or more control methods:

1 Substitute Replace materials or processes with other something that is less harmful or changes the chance of something happening
2 Isolating/preventing Use screens, barriers or some method of keeping people away from the hazard
3 Engineering controls Modifying tools, fitting guards, mechanical lifting devices, extraction ventilation
4 Admin controls SWMS, emergency procedures, site rules
5 PPE Safety glasses, hi viz, safety boots. Note: this is the least effective method of control and should not be the first or only control used!!!



The next time you find a hazard ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much can this thing hurt me or my mates?
  • What are the chances of it happening?
  • How do I get rid of it?
  • What do I need to do to minimize it?
***Failure to act is not an option***