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Toolbox Talk - Faulty Tools

Max People Health & Safety Bulletin

The drill doesn't have a tag. Maybe cables are exposed on the extension cord. The grinder doesn't have a deadman switch. A couple of teeth are missing on the blade....

Whatever the reason it is important to let other workers know that the equipment is unsafe to use or in need of repair!

A simple and effective way to do this is to attach a 'Danger/Out of Service tag'. This tells all staff it is faulty or unsafe to use.


If you discover faulty equipment:

1. Turn it off or de-energise it (if safe to do so)

Make the piece of plant or equipment safe by:

  1.  Completing a 'Danger Do Not Use/Out-of-service Tag'
  2. Place the completed tag on the plant or equipment at the point of isolation from the energy source or the main control panel or a prominent position.
  3.  Notify the supervisor/manager
  4. Remove the tagged item from the work area.

Unless authorized, no person may use the equipment or remove the tag!

Remember team! Safety is a habit! 

Any suggestions or improvements in regard to Health & Safety can be emailed to our Health & Safety Officer shane@maxpeople.co.nz