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Toolbox Talk - Safety at home

Max People Health & Safety Bulletin

Why bring this stuff home? 

We spend of lot of time talking about being safe at work with everyone heading back to their families at the end of each day. We all want this to happen. Do we think about taking safety home to our kids and partners?

When we think about it, our workplaces ensure we have the right gear to do the job. There is planning around how to do each task and how to do it safely. Rules and procedures designed to keep us safe are put in place. Is there any reason we wouldn't protect our family?

By teaching what we have learnt over the years to our loved ones this will make our homes a safer place in which to live. Our young will already be in a different mind set when they join the work force. Many of us have time on our sides at the moment so why not give it a go?

Safety do's and checks

Here a few things to do/check at at your place:

  • Are there working smoke alarms in the house? Are they in the proper locations?
  • Are chemicals and other harmful substances locked up to protect small children and pets?
  • you and other family members wear proper PPE when doing outdoors work such as weed trimming or while using a chainsaw?
  • Teach proper lifting techniques - bend at the knees and use your legs (not your back), if a load is too heavy to lift alone ask for help, stretch before heavy lifts.
  • Have fire extinguishers in your home and keep them inspected and maintained
  • Have and practice a family fire escape plan
  • Have a first aid kit and keep it well stocked - encourage first aid and CPR training
  • Post emergency phone numbers by the phone
  • Electricity - use an RCD, don't overcrowd multi plugs, keep cords clear of walking areas
  • Check all electrical items for damage
  • Teach the family about why we wear PPE- protect our eyes, ears, feet, hands etc.
  • How to identify hazards and what to do once you have found one.
  • While keeping your work mates safe is an awesome way to work, remember, our families deserve the same.

While keeping your work mates safe is an awesome way to work, remember, our families deserve the same.

Remember team! Safety is just how we do things around here.
Any suggestions or improvements to Health & Safety can be emailed to our Health & Safety Officer or have a chat with him next time he's on site.