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Toolbox Talk - Helping others

Max People Health & Safety Bulletin

Time of change 

The world, as we know, it is changing as we move to Alert Level 4. Isolation will be the new reality for most of us during this time

If you’ve been inside for days on end amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be getting a little stir-crazy — or at the very least, feeling bored.

“Human beings are not real great about endless time at home, not really knowing what to do with yourself,”

How will we cope? 

Staying busy

  • Look after yourself - eat well (stay away from the snacks), get into a routine, aim for between 7-8 hours sleep each night, exercise (go online for a program).
  • Reach out to people - Send them funny memes or GIFs to cheer them up. Call them. Video chat them. Don’t forget about them. Make sure they feel less alone and have social support.
  • Cook up a storm - drag out all the old and unused cookbooks that have collected dust in the kitchen drawer. Become the next budding Jamie Oliver!
  • Finances - don't sit around in the online world, spending up large because you are bored. Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Be house proud - write up a snag list for your house. Spend a bit of time wandering from room to room jotting down all the things that need fixing. Make a plan and get into it!
  • Read - it's been a while but pick up a book. Enjoy the forgotten art of the written word.
  • Music - good to listen to but have you ever thought of learning how to play an instrument?
  • Whanau - play games together, reconnect, enjoy each others company.

Remember if we all do as we are being asked to do this will only last as long as is necessary.