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4 June 2019

Toolbox Talk - Hazard Reporting

Is hazard reporting really all that important? What are the impacts of not reporting a hazard and making an assumption that everyone on site knows about it? Approx 50 construction workers are killed in work related accidents every year in New Zealand and many more seriously injured. Don't underestimate the potentially 'life saving' benefits of reporting all hazards on site.

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group of construction workers

27 May 2019

Starting off in construction? Build your construction career!

Attitude, building your soft skills and Site Safe Passports - possess these three things and you'll have the most solid foundation for a budding construction career!

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30 April 2019

Max People - Health & Safety - Toolbox Talk

80% of all fires in commercial properties are extinguished in the early stages by a member of the public, without the need for firefighters. Of these fires, 90% are extinguished using a fire extinguisher.

There are 5x types of fire extinguisher which our health & safety team have discussed in today's #toolboxtalk

It's important we all understand which one to use and when. You'll find a guide within the toolbox talk that will help you. Remember to follow the PTASS technique when operating a fire extinguisher:

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Prime Minister and Construction Sector Accord

5 March 2019

Prime Minister launches new Construction Sector Accord alliance

Prioritizing New Zealander’s well-being with safe homes, re-balancing risk amongst the construction eco-system and addressing the much-criticized consenting system are just some of the initiatives being highlighted by a new coalition called the Construction Sector Accord.

The government are committed to construction sector transformation catalyzing the important step towards making homes more affordable for kiwis. "The well-being of New Zealanders is intrinsically linked to safe, durable and affordable homes, buildings and infrastructure," – Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

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5 March 2019

Max People - Risk and Impacts of Wood Dust

Are you aware that larger particles of wood dust can be filtered out by a person's upper respiratory system but smaller particles can go deep into the lungs causing damage and scarring to the lung tissue?

Each time this happens a small amount of irreversible damage occurs. This damage reduces the lungs’ ability to take in oxygen and over time makes it increasingly difficult to breathe.

This week's #toolboxtalk discusses wood dust risks and controls #healthandsafety

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