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14 June 2019

Toolbox Talk - Intestinal Fortitude (Go with your gut!)

‘Intestinal fortitude’ is having the courage to speak up and to act when something doesn’t feel safe or right to you which is so important especially on construction sites.

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7 June 2019

Why timber stacks up in the construction climate change emergency

The construction industry could pioneer a radical initiative that would significantly reduce carbon emissions that would not involve additional costs.

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4 June 2019

Toolbox Talk - Hazard Reporting

Is hazard reporting really all that important? What are the impacts of not reporting a hazard and making an assumption that everyone on site knows about it?

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group of construction workers

27 May 2019

Starting off in construction? Build your construction career!

Attitude, building your soft skills and Site Safe Passports - possess these three things and you'll have the most solid foundation for a budding construction career!

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30 April 2019

Max People Health & Safety Toolbox Talk

80% of all fires in commercial properties are extinguished in the early stages by a member of the public, without the need for firefighters. Of these fires, 90% are extinguished using a fire extinguisher.

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impacts of wood dust

5 March 2019

Risk and Impacts of Wood Dust

Are you aware that larger particles of wood dust can be filtered out by a person's upper respiratory system but smaller particles can go deep into the lungs causing damage and scarring to the lung tissue? Read on and educate yourself on how to prevent inhalation.

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